La Mancha Theatre Company

Co-founded by Ellie Nixon and Rodrigo Malbrán in 1989, La Mancha has performed in theatres and television and held seminars, courses and workshops in Sweden, France, Spain, Greece, Great Britain, Norway, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Cuba. For over twenty years each practical project undertaken by the La Mancha Theatre Company has used the devising process to create highly visual new work and theatrical adaptations. Working with local actors deepens its connections with the local communities.

The same two directors have headed the company, initiating ideas for projects together or individually, which are then rigorously developed using distinct modes of working according to the needs of each production, cultural context and collective. A constant throughout the years of practice and research has been a commitment to developing the performances with the actors as co-creators.
I am is the artistic director of The La Mancha Theatre Company in the UK.
While based in Europe, La Mancha produced and performed the following productions:

In South America 1993 – 2010:

  • 2010 Corazón de Carbon
  • 2009 La Cosa Nostra
  • 2008 Arriba de la Pelota
  • 2007 Un Viaje a Través de la Risa
  • 2006 Yves Klein, Arquitectura del Aire
  • 2004 Alturas de Macchu Picchu
  • 2002 Shakespeare a Dos Tiempos
  • 2000 Cara de Hereje
  • 1998 It Could Happen to Anyone
  • 1997 Big Bang
  • 1994 Parranda
  • 1993 Matando el Tiempo

International theatre festivals:

  • International Theatre Festival – Puerto Montt, Chile, 2006;
  • International Theatre Festival – Havana, Cuba, 2005;
  • International Theatre Festival – Chile, 2002;
  • International Theatre Festival – Chile, 2001;
  • World Festival of Theatre – Costa Rica,1998;
  • VII, IX & XI International Season – Chile,1998 /01/02;
  • The World Festival of Theatre, ITI – Chile,1993.

In Europe 1989 – 1992:

  • The Sound of Magic – Norway
  • Jeu de Seduction – France
  • Five Alive – Norway
  • The Wedding Picture – Norway
  • I Manesjen – Norway
  • Doing Time – Norway


  • Norwegian Arts Council
  • Norwegian Embassy in Chile
  • The Chilean Government
  • The British Council