Alturas de Macchu Picchu

Director Ellie Nixon and Rodrigo Malbrán
Cast La Mancha
Year 2004
Location Chile

The Heights of Machu Picchu

“Someone awaiting me amongst the violins Discovered a world like a buried tower Sinking its spiral turret deep down beyond The leaves the colour of harsh sulphur: And deeper still, into the geological gold, Like a sword sheathed in meteorites, I thrust my hand, turbulent and tender Into the most genital of earthly places. I pressed my face between the deep waves, I sank like a drop through the sulphuric peace, and, like a blind man I groped my way Back to the jasmine Of the exhausted springtime of humanity.”

~ Extract from Macchu Picchu, Pablo Neruda

Based on Pablo Neruda’s epic poem, this production celebrates the centenary of Neruda’s birth and explores the fertile imagination of South American popular festivals, dances, songs, games and puppetry, bringing this poem to a theatrical context.

With original Andean music commissioned by La Mancha.