The Threepenny Opera

Director Ellie Nixon
Cast Matt Jopling, Joshua Whorriskey, Dominique Planter, Nicholas Fruin, Jemma Wade, Joshua Barton, Cassidy Smith, Liam Atton, Jesamine Oldman, Josh Lonsdale, Peter Shimmin, Charlie Siveyer, Verity Hicks, Diana Winter, Molly Miles, Walter Mirkss, Calum McIntosh, Jack Boswell.
Year 2013
Location Lighthouse Theatre Main Stage

Artistic Team

Conductor Mark Forkgen
Musical Supervisor Katharine Piercey
Choreography Claire Camble-Hutchins

Set Design Zoe Rolph
Costume Design Selina Tholl and Natalie Oakley
Makeup/ Hair Design Victoria Moss
Lighting Design Pete Clifton

Brecht set his play in nineteenth-century Victorian England, a distancing effect that gave him license to criticise his own society of the 1920s without attacking his audience directly. Today its themes feel just as timely. Highly visual, and reimagined for a new generation, this brand new co-production is set in a futuristic dystopian underworld of organised crime. Our version suggests that the world of the future parallels Brecht’s society and may indeed, reflect our own.

Kurt Weill’s ground-breaking score is performed live by Kokoro, the acclaimed contemporary music ensemble of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. Fusing comedy, song and dance, with biting satire, this is a thrilling collaboration, featuring the combined talents of graduating students from the Arts University Bournemouth.

The Threepenny Opera exemplifies the spirit of collaboration that exists across the Arts university. This was a joint production by students and staff from BA Acting, BA Costume with Performance Design, BA Make up for Media and Performance, BA Arts and Event Management, BA Graphic Design and BA Digital Media.